How to be a “Diplomatic Rebel”

Now here’s a topic to make my ears prick up! David Gram, an “Intrapreneur” at Lego (hello, yes please to that job) talked about “diplomatic rebels” and innovation through intrapreneurship, at last week’s Disruption Summit Europe. Gram started off with a bold statement “radical is the new incremental, radical is the new normal”. True perhaps … More How to be a “Diplomatic Rebel”


It is with sadness that I read that the bodies of the climber Tom Ballard and his climbing mate Daniele Nardi have been found on Nanga Parbat in Pakistan. Tom’s mother, the pioneering female climber Alison Hargreaves also died on a mountain in Pakistan, and it was this story, 24 years ago, that gave me … More K2

Making my mark

As a born and bred Londoner I am proud of my city. It’s vibrant, full of character (and characters), steeped in history, with a quirky charm. Everyone has their own version of London, like the blind men describing an elephant, we all have the bits of London we know best, our own secret haunts and … More Making my mark