Here we are, November, 2020. 2020, a year where lives were turned upside-down. We were kept apart – but worked together – to try to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed a startling number of lives, both here and abroad. People have been longing for normality, for contact with close family, for hope, and … More Longing


There is something rather magical about daffodils. They are so bright and so happy. I think of them as a signal that winter is on its way out and that sun will shine again. Of course these days you can buy them in the supermarkets in January, way before you would naturally expect them to … More Daffodils

How to be a “Diplomatic Rebel”

Now here’s a topic to make my ears prick up! David Gram, an “Intrapreneur” at Lego (hello, yes please to that job) talked about “diplomatic rebels” and innovation through intrapreneurship, at last week’s Disruption Summit Europe. Gram started off with a bold statement “radical is the new incremental, radical is the new normal”. True perhaps … More How to be a “Diplomatic Rebel”