Playing with fire

There’s something mesmerising about flames. They way they dance, crackle, reach out in all directions. Simply striking a match is really sensory experience – the sound of the friction of the match head against the side of the box, the sudden fizz as the match flashes into life, blinding you with its brightness for the … More Playing with fire

So many things…

I’ve been a bit slack updating my site of late – but it’s just because so many things have been going on. I didn’t like to write pithy pieces, but then never quite found the time to write the long pieces that I intended. Tut tut. In chronological order, the things that have been keeping … More So many things…

Amazing encounters: Paolo Nespoli at ESOF 2010

There were many cool things about the Euro Science Open Forum (ESOF) in Turin earlier this month. Okay, so the lengthy opening ceremony wasn’t up there as one of them, but the interesting talks, engaging people and general passion for science that was in the air certainly were. I watched a Nobel laureate play a vuvuzela, … More Amazing encounters: Paolo Nespoli at ESOF 2010

Staring into space

A few nights ago someone mentioned that it would be possible to see the International Space Station (ISS) in orbit over London. I made a note to remember to look out for it and then promptly forgot. The next evening someone posted a reminder on Twitter, and I tore myself away from watching Stevie Wonder … More Staring into space