Space Nomad

Every now and then we have to do something completely crazy to stop us getting stuck in a rut. Today I changed my plane tickets from ones that would take me to home to London, via New York, to a measly Jet Blue credit note and a flight out of Orlando on the 7th of December. Meanwhile, some other magic has got me a cheaper than normal flight to San Francisco, on standby, thanks to a lovely pilot I happened to meet when I had a long wait at JFK once.

Why have I done this? A good question! The thing is that I came out to the States to see the launch of space shuttle Discovery, which you may or may not know, didn’t happen this week. The next launch window is in three weeks time, and that just seemed like a silly amount of time to go home for,  knowing that I absolutely have to be back for this launch as I’ve never seen one in person, and I have to see it with the #nasatweetup people I now have the honour of calling friends. Oh yeah, and Buzz Aldrin told me I should stay.

So much has happened in the last week. My mind is pretty well blown, but over the next few days I hope to start putting the pieces together and writing some posts about it on my other blog: in the meantime, I’m officially a Space Nomad and shall be using that hashtag on Twitter.

If you have something awesome and spacey to show me let me know, if you can fly me around the states, get in touch, if there’s some random US food stuff you think I should try, tell me! Or if you just want to come along for the ride and see what madness ensues, follow me on Twitter as @radiokate and @spacekate.

Let the adventure begin!

6 thoughts on “Space Nomad

  1. It was a pleasure chatting with you at the Kennedy Space Center this past November 7; good luck in your journey and let’s hope you’ll have the opportunity to witness a shuttle launching live here in the States. If you’re ever in Atlanta, I’ve an intriguing story to tell!

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