Good Will Hunting

I made it, I found all ten Williams that I was challenged to find and interviewed them to find out who they were, and why were they out and about in the royal wedding crowds. (Well, all apart from the two-year old)

Without further ado, let me introduce Will, Will, Will, William, Will, Billy, William, Will, William and William!

William number one

Two-year old William, waving his flag beside the Mall the evening before the wedding

William number one

William Number two

William number two was outside Westminster Abbey before heading to Hyde Park to locate a Gin Palace, which he invited me to.

William two

William number three

My third William was the lively Delores William. I hadn’t thought to look for a female William, but she spotted the sign on my back and came to talk to me on the way to Trafalgar Square (which they then shut due to overcrowding). Delores is also an Audioboo fan and you can hear her stuff here.

Delores William

William number four

William number four was spotted in a crowd after a couple of chaps filming a YouTube video for their World of the Orange channel, who were helping me out, decided that he looked like he should be called William. “William!” they calle, and he looked round. We were all rather shocked for a moment, but he showed us his credit cards and proved it really is his name!

William four

William number five

My fifth William was outed by his friends at the Battersea High Street royal wedding street party. They were having a fine old time drinking champagne and getting into the spirit of the day. My first Irish William.

Irish William

Williams six, seven *and* eight!

Wow, you wait for ages and then three come along at once! Battersea High Street scored me three-for-the-price-of-one on the William front. Joy!

Three Williams at once
Photo courtesy of Andrew West, @Krypto

William number nine

I headed over to Green Park in the search for my last to Williams. The first group I stopped to ask had a bona fide William among their midst, but had obviously toasted the royal couple numerous times during the afternoon. A quick interivew and then a dash away from the leering and the drunken comments…

William nine

William number ten – success!

Over the Hyde Park and I chose one last group to try to find my final Will. Bingo! Bright pink trouser wearing William number ten. I was even offered a plastic cup of cider. Phew! Job well done.

William ten!

Phew! One tired @RadioKate! Follow more audio from my adventures at

Kate Arkless Gray

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