Beauty all around us

It’s January. January sucks. It’s still cold, it’s still dark early, Christmas is over and summer still seems far away. It’s easy to feel glum in January, that’s why today, with the sun shining, I decided to re-open my eyes to the world and make sure that I was appreciating the little things. Even mundane things can be beautiful and so I took a few photos, just with my phone, as I was out and about. Sometimes thinking about composing a photo makes you see things in a different way, sometimes you just need to remind yourself to look.

So that’s my challenge to you this weekend, find something mundane, but look at it in a new way and find the beauty in it. If you feel like sharing a photo with me, that would be lovely. Either pop it in the comments below, or send me a tweet to @RadioKate and use the hashtag #nowpic. Have fun.

The Eternal Cycle of Life

The Eternal Cycle of Life

Rivet Rivet

Rivet Rivet

Animal print on a manhole cover

Animal print on a manhole cover





One thought on “Beauty all around us

  1. Seven years ago, the camera-phone hardly registered. Indeed, on 17 June 2003, some idiot wrote in the Guardian that the low take-up of those newfangled 3G phones with their built-in cameras, launched two months previously, could be ascribed to the fact that “it’s not immediately clear what they’re for, and that mystery is not sufficiently seductive to make many of us shell out”. The writer all but argued that camera-phones were destined for the technological knacker’s yard, like Sinclair C5s, the Securi-Gnome and NiteMates slippers with their built-in headlights (all real products). With the benefit of hindsight, let me admit what a bonehead I was to write that…

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