Flowers in the rain

Flowers in the reain

It’s been a long winter. Even now, almost mid-June, Granny has got the heating on and I’ve been staring at dull grey skies.

If like me you need a bit of sunshine in your life, you may have got frustrated by the grey, but take time to smell the roses. Genuinely, they’re flowering now, so stop and smell them.

I’ve been walking to work and noticing the vibrancy of the flowers that have appeared. Not quite sunshine, but the next best thing perhaps, reminding us of the beauty inherent in nature.

I’ve been meaning to take some snapshops of them, to celebrate them, share them. Today was the day I said I’d make the time. Of course then it rained. (And rained and rained.) The flowers were out, so I decided that should should I be, and the above is a little collection of some of the photos I took on my smartphone. The full set is on Flickr.

Hopefully they will help brighten your day too.

One thought on “Flowers in the rain

  1. Hello Kate. You should get yourslef up to the North East Highlands. Moray, to be precise. It has been 23 degrees here with blue skies for several weeks now. AND it doesn’t get dark here in summer. A very different Britain altogether!

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