Simple things to make with string!

Upcycle with string
Left to right: Plastic rope, parcel string, jute twine


Do any of the following phrases sound familiar to you?

  • “Waste not, want not”
  • “That’ll come in handy one day”
  • “Ooh – I could make something with that!”
  • “I love making things, I just never find the time.”

Welcome to my world.

Having just completed the #30DayGetChuckedChallenge – where you throw out one thing on day one, two on day two, three on day three etc all the way to 30 – I found myself staring at potentially useful, sturdy cardboard tubs that used to house cheesy nibbles. I allowed myself to keep them if, and only if, I did something with them within the next week, else they’d be straight in the bin. Cue far too much time browsing other people’s creative hacking on Pinterest and then a very simple, no power tools required, idea came to me. Wrapping different string and cord around the tubs would make them more visually appealing – so long as I could avoid the need to use the #PinterestFail or ironic #NailedIt hashtags (I’ll let you be the judge!).

My finished tubs are at the top of this post – and if you want to give it a go, my instructions are as follows:


– Cheeselets/Twiglets tub (or you can decorate bottles and vases too)

– PVA glue

– String (or coloured wool, rope etc)

Yup, that’s all you need. I told you this one was simple.

Upcycle with stringTo get started, put some glue on the tub at the end you’re going to begin winding string around, tuck the end of your string under the first layer too so it holds and looks tidy.

Start wrapping the string round and around the tub. Remember to keep it tight so that the finished product looks neat and professional.Easy to make

Upcycle with stringKeep adding the glue as you progress with your winding, to keep the string securely in place. Keep winding and winding and winding and.. you get the idea. You might need some patience – or better – a good series on Netflix to keep you company.

When you have finished wrapping your item in string, tuck the final end in under the last loop (as you did at the start) and pop an extra little blob of glue on there to keep it secure. PVA glue dries clear so don’t worry about that.

Upcycle with stringTa-da! Admire your finished work, wait for the PVA glue on your hands to dry, enjoy the satisfying feeling of peeling it off! :) Nailed it. ;)

Any thoughts?

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