New adventures

Having packed my bags for a ten-day stay in the States, I ended up on a four and a half month epic Space Nomad adventure (more details at I’m finally home and embarking on another adventure. There’s no rest for the wicked (nor the jetlagged), so I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently half … More New adventures

Save 6 Music Demo

On Saturday (22nd May, 2010) I headed down to the ‘Save 6Music’ demo outside BBC Broadcasting House, arguably the spritual home of UK radio. It was perhaps the politest demonstration to hit London in recent times, with cakes, sunshine and banner slogans such as ‘Would you mind awfully if we kept 6Music, we’re rather fond … More Save 6 Music Demo

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show – “Not as noisy as I had feared”

This week Chris Evans stepped boldly into the shoes of Terry Wogan as he took over the Radio 2 breakfast show.

Having re-tuned my radio (from Radio 4) and set-my alarm just early enough that I could hear the handover from Sarah Kennedy I looked forward to finding out how he’d deal with the pressure of following on from the broadcasting institution that is Terry Wogan. … More The Chris Evans Breakfast Show – “Not as noisy as I had feared”