Where there’s a Will there’s a way!

So, I guess it’s time I updated you on my crazy royal wedding antics. In case you didn’t see my blog last week, it went something like this:

– There’s a royal wedding
– It’s a moment of history
– I don’t really care too much about a couple of strangers getting married, but…
– I want an excuse to be part of the fun

Thus was born #weddingkate. A slightly crazy plan that involved me donning a wedding dress and hitting the streets of London to meet people called Will. All the while interviewing people using Audioboo and reporting on the atmosphere in central London and at street parties.

I hit upon the idea whilst sat in a PR meeting at work, somewhat stupidly blurted it out and was then told I should go for it.

With less than 48 hours until the wedding itself I was now faced with a challenge. How would I, never having been close to married, go about locating a wedding dress? I turned to Twitter for advice, and clever beans that my followers are, was instantly given a few ideas. Sophia Collins even offered to lend one of her three dresses (which she assured me were a result of enjoying dressing up, rather than multiple weddings of her own). Sadly they were located in Bristol and Edinburgh…

Next stops included fancy dress shops, charity shops, and finally a trip to Finsbury Park’s Fonthill Road (girls, if you need ball gowns on a budget, start here).

Listen to my dress finding adventure here.

Salvation came in the form of Dynasty. Their Aladdin’s cave of colourful dresses is something to be seen. Upstairs another marvel, as wedding dresses hang from all sides. I thought I was onto a winner with their offer of dresses for £35, but of course that didn’t include the real deal wedding gowns.

After a slightly embarrassing conversation where I admitted what I was up to, I was put on the phone to the boss. He agreed they’d sort me out with a rental dress. Game on.

It was very odd trying on a wedding dress with no wedding, but ultimately a lot of fun. Their tailor, Despina, made some alterations to fit the dress perfectly to me. I was beginning to feel like a princess. The team at Dynasty were great, and even threw in a tiara to finish the look. #WeddingKate was on her way.

Table football in a wedding dressBack in the office it was demanded that I show off the dress. Cue very odd couple of hours answering Audioboo user questions whilst being careful not to roll my chair over the train of the dress. Even a game of table football!

Next stop was The Powder Room in Soho, where the lovely Powder Puff girls worked their magic on my hair. What a cute place it is, black and white chequered floor, 1950s feel and all the staff wear cute sugar-pink outfits to fit the theme.

The Powder Room
The Powder Room, London

Scarecrow KateI have to say I was somewhat nervous about what they were doing to my hair to begin with (see pic!), but they somehow managed to transform me from scarecrow to Hepburn (the style they chose is the ‘Audrey’) in less than 20 minutes. All with some chilled out jazz in the background. Can’t complain.

More help was at hand, in the form of photographer Andrew West, who agreed to join me on my mad quest on Friday. There was no turning back, Wedding Kate was on – and what’s more, I’d been set the challenge of meeting 10 people called William…
So where next? Westminster Abbey of course, and that’s where the real story begins…

Any thoughts?

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