Royal Wedding Fever

Look, it’s happening. There is going to be a royal wedding, it’s going to be on Friday, I’ve already seen the flags and bunting, it’s happening. It will be a moment of history, whether you like it or not, so I’m torn. Do I ignore it, because frankly I don’t really care about the fact two rich strangers are getting married, or do I enter into the spirit and go to a street party?

OR, do I find a way of doing something utterly ridiculous that gives me the excuse to go to street parties, but pretend that I’m not taking it seriously? Now then, there’s an idea creeping in.

Prince William is marrying Catherine, or Kate as people other than me (because it’s my name) call her. Well, what if I went on my own quest to find a Will on Friday? What if I did it wearing a wedding dress, went party hopping, and Audioboo-ed my progress? It’s probably entirely crazy, but that’s never stopped me before…

Do you think I could find someone to lend me a wedding dress, someone to sponsor some champagne to take along to street parties, and asked people to suggest places to visit? In return I could keep an Audio diary of my exploits and share with you a collection of photos of people I meet called Will. It might be ridiculous, but it would certainly be fun.

I’m working on the idea at the moment. But if you happen to know anyone who might lend me a wedding dress (preferably from this afternoon so I can take a silly photo in front of Westminster Abbey) or is arranging a street party of any kind, that I can crash, please let me know. Leave a comment below or tweet me @RadioKate

5 thoughts on “Royal Wedding Fever

  1. What size are you? I’ve got three (I really like fancy dress). One’s in Edinburgh, but two are here in Bristol. If you can work out some way of getting a dress from Bristol to you, you’re welcome to borrow one, for what sounds like an excellent crazy idea.
    (dresses are size 10/12)

  2. What a crazy idea- I love it. I challenge you to find 10 Wills out there and get their story. It’ll make for a great story later on, too :)

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