Good Will Hunting

I made it, I found all ten Williams that I was challenged to find and interviewed them to find out who they were, and why were they out and about in the royal wedding crowds. (Well, all apart from the two-year old) Without further ado, let me introduce Will, Will, Will, William, Will, Billy, William, … More Good Will Hunting

My Royal Wedding

5pm, The Mall, the night before the royal wedding Hair up, tiara on, wedding dress in bag, I ventured to the Mall. St John’s Ambulances lined up in a street beside the Mall. TV crews set up their kit half way up the steps to Waterloo Place. People were split into groups of no-nonsense Londoners … More My Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Fever

Look, it’s happening. There is going to be a royal wedding, it’s going to be on Friday, I’ve already seen the flags and bunting, it’s happening. It will be a moment of history, whether you like it or not, so I’m torn. Do I ignore it, because frankly I don’t really care about the fact … More Royal Wedding Fever

So many things…

I’ve been a bit slack updating my site of late – but it’s just because so many things have been going on. I didn’t like to write pithy pieces, but then never quite found the time to write the long pieces that I intended. Tut tut. In chronological order, the things that have been keeping … More So many things…